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Marina Vinnik





This is my thoughts about what actually gets a woman when she agrees to become wife. On what typical nuclear family is based?

In my video I show what was a marriage for me. What does it meens - to be a good wife? Often good wife supposed to be always redy for sex or permanent home service or commitment to the continuous care of children.

Men experiencing the oppression of power at work, obeying his superiors - get your own servants, who are waiting for him at home.

In addition, the physical and psychological abuse is evident at the very moment when two people become a married couple. Of course, you can be happy with the good old patriarchy, or to call for increasing amount of children. But we can not forget about the problems that always be in marriage.


In fact, very sad, that in most cases, a girl's dream of a wedding dress, adventure and eternal love - turn into exhausting labor and struggle for youself.

Fortunately, now people can get divorced and start to dream about something else.



Born in Kemerovo in 1984. In 2006-2011 studied at VGIK.  Directing documentary films.In my works, I'm interested in exploring human nature through the lens of gender and personal experience. My experimental short film "Pain" in the last year entered the Kandinsky Prize shortlist. In addition, the "Pain" was shown in artdokfest and in Rauma Biennale Balticum.

Since 2012 I live in St. Petersburg and studying in Proarte at program "School of the young artist."

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