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TRANS-THEORY: Interactive workshop


Art Space "Taiga", Dvortsovaya Naberezhnaya 20

Interactive workshop on transgender isuues for a wide audience

Transphobia is based on ignorance and fear. People feel uncomfortable if they cannot associate someone with either "male" or "female". We have got used to see sanctions for refusing to take a binary approach to gender identity. However, this is not a universal trend. More over, we believe that it should not happen at all anywhere in the world and that biological sex should not predetermine neither people's gender, nor its expression, nor their lives.


Trans theory is not confined to a theory of transgender (though includes it, of course). This is also an opportunity to take part in discussions, to discuss one's feelings and ideas, to hear people who have gone beyond the gender binary: bigenders, agenders, genderqueers.

We hope that an open conversation will help people realize what impact gender binary has on our life. The more society will be open to gender nonconformism, the easier it will be to protect rights and interests of those who don't fit into the traditional gender "norm" at all levels, including legally. Someday such anti-discriminatory laws will become a sheer formality because the society won't be making any difference between people depending on their gender.

SPECIAL GUEST: Flemish Minister for Youth, Education and Equal Opportunities PASCAL SMET

Pictures used: Michelle Dumaresq, Masen Davis, Romy Haag, Zheng He, source.




Ashe Garrido, writer, poet.

Moscow university student of gestalt and psychodrama.

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