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Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry - well-known English actor, writer, journalist, comedian

It gives me great pleasure to send a message of support, solidarity and admiration to all those taking part in the the St Petersburg International Festival of Queer Culture this September. I cannot tell you how proud I am to have so many Russian followers, readers and friends. That many of them are gay, lesbian or transgender gives me especial pleasure. It has not easy to be out and proud in Russia of late and it takes a very special kind of courage to stand up for yourself in such an atmosphere of enmity and ignorance. I think it is a very Russian quality to be so brave, to have such integrity and such a proper sense of pride and self. I hope the rest of Russia soon recognises that gay communities represent the best of a nation. A thriving and happy gay population is a mark of a healthy society, not (as the socially and historically ignorant choose to believe) the worst. Good luck and all my love and best wishes to all taking part.

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