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Lena Katina and her band will travel to Russia from Los Angeles to support the international festival Queerfest 2012. Lena’s September, 29th show will be the culmination of the 10-day festival run.

With today’s anti-gay climate, where discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people has actually become legal under St. Petersburg law, it is now more important than ever to hear the voices that call for respect and acceptance of all people.

“We all are very different people and we should celebrate our differences. We should not be silent when we see this intolerant aggression towards LGBT-community”, says the artist Lena Katina in her message to the people of St. Petersburg.

Queerfest 2012 was created by the LGBT organization “Coming out” and will be held for the fourth time. It’s slogan - “The art of being yourself” – reveals the essence of Queerfest: In today’s Russia it is becoming ever more difficult to actually be yourself. Instead, it is becoming an art that requires courage and self-respect. The festival will feature photo exhibitions, discussions, seminars, music events, and lectures. This year’s event, unlike previous years events, will take place under the shadow of the new homophobic laws. The world will bear witness as to whether the government’s law “on gay propaganda” will be used to violate basic human rights.

“We are very happy to get support not only from foreign celebrities, but also from Russian public figures. Lena’s participation in Queerfest is a truly historic moment: For the first time such a high-profile Russian artists supports the festival”, say organizers. “Right now Lena’s solo career is on the rise: Dave Aude’s remix on Lena’s debut single “Never Forget” topped Billboard Dance/Club Chart, toppling Madonna’s song from the top spot. And at the same time Lena stays true to her beliefs and thinks it’s important to support the group discriminated by the society and the state. She inspires respect.”

For more details on the festival go to www.queerfest.ru


QueerFest is the International LGBT pride festival held annually since 2009 by the LGBT organization "Coming Out".

In Russia about 5 million people - lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) - every day suffer the consequences of homophobia. Often they are forced to hide a big part of their lives because of fear of possible violence and aggression. They may be fired from their jobs or may have to release rented apartment, if it becomes known that they love a person of the same sex. Levada Center opinion poll conducted in March 2011 showed that three-quarters of Russians believe gays and lesbians to be inferior, almost 40% were in favor of compulsory treatment and isolation, and 4% - for the physical destruction.

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