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Queerography participants presented their projects

On September 24th in the Taiga Space within the framework of events of “Art’Movement: culture and civil activity”, 6 projects of Queerography exhibition were presented and the discussion of an artist’s social responsibility took place.

Film directors Marina Vinnik (Russia) and Anais Sartini (France), photographer Diego Verges (Spain), artists and researchers Annica Karlsson Rixon and Anna Viola Hallberg (Sweden), supervisor Natalya Chermalykh (Ukraine) and media-artist Ksenya Khrabrykh (Russia) took part. All the projects were focused on sharpening of social problems in the context of the rights of LGBT and feminism protection.

In the beginning was shown Anais Sartini’s film “Thank you!” created as the reaction to homophobic censure of the “Paris seasons” festival in St. Petersburg. Marina Vinnik emphasized that feminism is closely related to protection of queers’ rights because it regards pressure of traditional gender and moral standards on women. Presenting her project, Annika told about the changes which took place in St. Petersburg lesbian community.

Presenting the project of Eugenia Belorysetz about Ukrainian queer families, Natalya Chermalykh found out that the idea of queer families itself is problematic. And when feminists and queer-activists from Kiev insisted on using the term ‘partnership’, the ‘actors’ taking part tended to consider themselves as family.

Photographer Diego Verges presented the project about traditional Indonesian shemale theatre Ludruk.

In the end Ksenya Hrabryh presented her interactive media project about the life of LGBT community in St. Petersburg, which also covered the campaign against homophobic law.

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