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Поддержка официальных лиц

В этом году КвирФест поддержал Уполномоченный по правам человека в Санкт-Петербурге Александр Шишлов.

Цели [фестиваля] близки всем, кто относит права человека к высшим ценностям.

Хочу особо отметить в программе фестиваля проекты, направленные на повышение гражданской активности.

Надеюсь, КвирФест станет еще одним шагом в развитии толерантности и взаимопонимания между людьми независимо от их сексуальной ориентации и гендерной идентичности.

Полный текст обращения здесь.


Scissor Sisters

US band Scissor Sisters performed in St. Petersburg last week and urged the audience to participate the QueerFest. "No matter who you are or who you love, you have our support. We hope you all attend the Queer Fest next week", said the singer Ana Matronic on the stage.
Here are their greetings to the Festival:


Feminist Discussion Space

Workshop themed "Feminist Art: Alternative Realities" was held on 23d of September. There was an outstanding set of invited speakers: Nadya Plungyan (art expert, curator of Queerography-exhibition), Lena Maksimova (Moscow Radical Feminists), Marina Vinnik (director, Queerography-participant), Ira Gnil (Feminist Ofenzyva, from Kiev), the curators of workshop were Maria Sabunaeva (LGBT-organisation "Coming Out") and Tanya Egorova (FemInfoteka).

Nadya Plungyan made a review on modern feminist world of art and explained what form it's going through now. Marina Vinnik talked about feminist video-art and problems which female directors face. Lena Maksimova brought up a feminist activism issue, which caused an active reaction from audience with questions and discussions, people talked about getting united in feminist movement, about pecuiarities of art-activism and discussed the possibilities of it getting connected with other movements.

The final part of workshop was presented by Ira Gnil and Tanya Egorova and was dedicated to feminist zines and diy-publishing. They were talking about zines as a way for everybody to express anything they want to, on any topic, and without any censorship, as well as on such topics as feminism or queer-culture.

The atmosphere during workshop was energetic and positive, and the room was packed with people - it says once again about the importance and a need of more feminist discussion spaces in St. Petersburg. Today one of those spaces is provided by QueerFest.


Personal trangender stories

The interactive transgender theory workshop took place on space of Queer Festival 2012 in Saint Petersburg on the 22nd of September. The event gathered more than 80 participants, with writer Ashe Garido and LGBTQ activist Yana Sitnikova among them. The Flemish Minister for Education, Youth, Equal Opportunities and Brussels Affairs, out gay Pascal Smet, who was also participating in the event, noticed that he is going to raise the question about "Homophobic" Law on the next meeting with the Saint Petersburg government.

The workshop was organized as open discussion. Firstly Ashe Garido shortly introduced to the audience the spectrum of definitions within transgender theory. This was followed by brief historical overview of transgender identity issue by Yana Sitnikova. She focused on problems of survival of transgender people throughout different periods of humanity existing.

Yana Sitnikova has also concerned the important issue of communication between first-wave and second–wave feminism and transgender activism. According to her point of view, the social vulnerability of trans-feminism is close to the positions of Black feminism as concerning more complicated stigmatization issues along with gender stigma.

The workshop was brightly accomplished with the speech of T-activists  who themselves talked to the audience about their identity and problems of transition. Wide gender spectrum was presented here, including FtM, MtF, non-op and post-op transsexuals, bi-genders. The vivid discussion was inspired by issues of legitimacy and availability of transition in contemporary Russia, as well as by seemingly less urgent identity problems, such as bigenderism. The debate contributed much to knowledge about contemporary state of transgenders in Russia.

Pictures from the event are available in the Gallery on our web-site.


Саша Балакирева & Макс Берестов

29 сентября перед выступлением ЛЕНЫ КАТИНОЙ вас ждет замечательный подарок от КвирФеста:

выступление нового московского проекта САША БАЛАКИРЕВА & МАКС БЕРЕСТОВ


Пироговская наб, 5, КЗ АВРОРА



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