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Выставка "Необыкновенные трусы"On March 22 Queerfest participated on the discussion “Gender transformations”. Queer as a new “type of thinking”was organized by the group of artists and activists within the “Week on gender”.

Participants made an attempt to look on queer thru different optics: cultural (Glyuklya), sociological (AlexandrKondakov), remedial (Sasha Semenova). Participants discussed the connection of LGBT and queer culture, talkedabout the movie “Shapito-show” as collection of queer characters and as a metaphor of modern Russia, about self-consciousness of queer community and about homophobic law.

Theory and methodology of queer has appeared quite recently. In Russia this is brand new field where artist meetwith scholars and human rights activists – each one with their own visions and aims. Despite very young age ofqueer-culture, which realized itself, its theory has already been criticized. There are also people who doubt in theexistence of queer-culture. However, there is no skepticism that queer is not a static and determined identity, butinfinite process of deconstruction of authorities who use categories of gender, sexuality and etc to build hierarchicalstructures which repress identity.

Is queer an elite sanctuary or is it a real instrument for civil right defenders?

Is it possible to identify oneself as queer? “Queer culture festival” is an oxymoron? Do we need Russian words todescribe minorities and related categories and which words can we find? All these questions don’t have answers yetand we might not be able to ever find them. But it is fearful and interesting at the same time to exist in the field ofuncertainty, fluidity and infinite art.

Dreadfully interesting.

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