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Lena Katina

Lena Katina is known in modern music as a leading singer of the famous duo t.A.T.u. Today Lena announces solo work, after a ten-year stage career.

Lena grew up in a musical family and loved music since her childhood. At 14, Lena was cast in t.A.T.u., that has radically changed her life. For 10 years in the group Lena traveled halfway around the world with concerts, performed at the stages of various shapes and sizes, from circus arenas and clubs in Moscow and London to Tokyo Dome Stadium and Wembley Arena.

Елена Катина

In the words of the song, "that neither started - everything ends," and after the worldwide success of the group, both creative and commercial, after the hits "All The Things She Said", "Not Gonna Get Us", "All About Us", visited the main charts in the world, after dozens of international awards, including the title of "Legend of MTV», time and life led the group t.A.T.u. to the decision to split.

In spring 2009, Lena went to the U.S. and began to work on a debut disc, together with her former musicians, who showed themselves not only skilled performers, but also talented composers. Over the next eighteen months in collaboration with them Lena has recorded more than a dozen songs, some of which were first presented in May 2010 at the legendary Los Angeles club Troubadour.

The first concert was followed by two more performances. In June 2010, Lena became a headliner of the PrideFest in Milwaukee, and in September there was a sold-out at the club 1015 Folsom in San Francisco. During an hour and a half set Lena sang her new songs and some songs of t.A.T.u., some of which the group never included in their concerts. As it turned out Lena feels more than comfortable as the only front-woman on the stage. Her new songs –
the dynamic pop-rock tunes, added with romantic ballads, all have very personal lyrics. One of the ballads was sung by Lena at the Billboard magazine party, where she was invited as a special guest in September 2010. Whatever the style of performing songs, Lena’s recognizable voice – that’s what dedicates her among thousands.

After 10 years in the music, Lena is determined to continue: “I achieved a lot in t.A.T.u., and now I want to find and show the true me”.

Lena lives between Moscow and Los Angeles, in Moscow there is her home and her family, and L.A. is an ideal place to create music.

Lena Katina Official Site


Concert on 29 September

Prigorodskaya Nab 5, Concert Hall AVRORA



Please take your ID with you.



Елена Катина



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