• Международный фестиваль Квир-культуры в Санкт-Петербурге

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Klaus Wowereit

Klaus Wowereit – Mayor of Berlin

The organizers of this year’s festival chose an important slogan. It reads “The Art of Being Yourself”. This motto, as I understand it, is not only a call to every individual to be confident of him or herself and to accept differences of others, but also calls for a fair society built upon mutual respect, for a society that sees diversity as an enrichment and not as a blemish. In other words, the fight against discrimination and for equal civil rights is not just a small, insignificant issue. When someone limits people’s opportunities because of their religion, their skin color or sexual orientation, it threatens the whole society. It is a question about the basic rules of our coexistence. It is about central values of humanity, tolerance and the freedom to be different from others…

I wish the International Queer Culture Festival in St. Petersburg much success.
Klaus Wowereit
Governing Mayor of Berlin

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