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Yevgeniya Belorusets

with her project


author about the project

- Seemed it happened accidentally, LGBT topic became a part of political speculations and pre-election races both in Russia and Ukraine in the past several years. Political powers of nationalistic attitude and parties of centric attitude are fighting with each other for their primary right for homophobia. On this background it is good to think about revolutionary and liberating potential of queer-politics who are being hated by church, state, conservative and ultra-right powers.

Yevgeniya Belorusets

- Society has problems, which are called “minority issues”  - problems that are in relations with rights and freedoms of minorities: ethnic, gender, sexual. They will never be in spotlight of political storms, may be just for one day or one hour until they are included in the agenda of some loyal party, or until they become an important element of somebody’s pre-election activity. But for us - citizens of postsoviet space, this a little mercenary confession may seem like a paradise.

It seems to me that the same “minority issue” discourses are visible in the art. There are peripheral topics and unclaimed technics and if you follow them, then you are making certain choice, a choice to keep up a little off the stream of artistic society and share responsibility for your own statements with your heroes or simply with your own conscience and not with opinion of the society. This society will always have fresh baked, “correct” opinion on any issue. As a curator, I stand on the side of such artists. In our communities awareness is punished. And punished severely.

Being the curator of the project “A room of one's own” allowed me – and I feel this as a privilege – working intensively (artistic, philosophical, intellectual) in spheres of the most acute issues of modern life. To understand on the example of art material what it means to be kicked over the border of the statement of “norm”; to feel how gender identities are washed and binary in couples is destroyed; which roads does the progressive but inevitable transformation of the family institute go and which role these micro-changes will play in life of each man and woman in the future design of society in general…

Working on this project I felt for a while that we could ask these questions aloud today in the present political situation, only thru plane of art.

Nataliya Chermalykh, curator, feminist, activist of the group “Feminist action” (Фемiнiстична Офензива). (Kiev).


Yevgeniya Belorusets (born 1980), artist, author, editor of «PROSTORY» magazine, participant of interdisciplinary curator union Khudsvet. Yevgeniya is an activist of feminist Offenziva (action), participates in initiatives “Work and working movement in Ukraine “Liva dumka”. Works with photography, video and texts on the intersection of political activism, visual and textual.

Lives and works in Kiev.


photoexhibition, social projects

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