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Sasha Balakireva & Max Berestov


Sasha Balakireva

One of the most original and professional vocalists on the Russian musical scene. The finalist of “Alla Pugacheva’s Star Factory 5” contest. From 2004 till 2011 – an artist of Igor Matvienko producing Centre, the soloist of band “CuBa”.

In 2006 the band was nominated for “The best debut” at the RMA-2006 (MTV-Russia).

Russian and international contests laureate. “5 stars” contest award, the laureate of the festival “Novye Pesni o Glavnom” 2007. At the present time works with sound producer Maxim Berestov on their joint project.

Max Berestov

Sound producer of Russian radio, MTV, RFW, RU TV, Olympic Committee projects since 2005.

At different times was sound producer of such projects as Cosmonautica, Evdokimov Show, Julia Bulava, FiLLiN etc.

Sasha and Max used to live in different creative spaces, meeting only on official events and friends parties. But once they recorded a joint duet for one TV project, they realized that they can make something bigger together. From that moment new creative life began for both of them. The depth of the lyrics, melodies and vocals are loved by people of different age and tastes.


Pirogovskaya emb. 5, Concert Hall AURORA



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