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“Aloe Vera” is one of the most interesting modern bands on the independent music stage. Their music combines indie rock , jazz and experimental instrumental genres, - a range of images, meanings, senses, rhythms, emotions and various sound parts.

“Sing with your heart” Aloe Vera vocalist was advised once by the famous singer Nino Katamadze. They met accidentally at the concert of jazz diva and it made Vera Musaelyan believe in herself and create her own band. In 2010 a debut single “Sick love” appeared, followed by lots of fans all over Russia.

In two years of its existence the band played several dozens of concerts and in 2011 moved to Moscow. Under the guidance of Zemfira, AnimalJazz and Assai’s sound producer they issued in Saint Petersburg their first album “Every my spring”. According to AloeVera: “ This is the best music to remember those who you were in love with”



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