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Olga Akhmetyeva



Olga Akhmetyeva's series "The boys" is dedicated to the unstable intimacy between two men of different nationalities and social background. The analysis of mens' vulnerability is one of the main motives of her documental photography, and at the same time the territory of freedom from modern gender standards, strictly divided into 2.


In 2011 Olga Akhmetieva's project was disassembled just before its opening by request of the staff of the gallery. Single men's portraits shown out of masculine behavior stereotypes were considered as "homosexul propaganda" and produced more outrage than the photos from gay pride parade shown nearby.




art school

Have been reflecting upon art, life and the tragic nature of our existence for all my life. Interested in people and habitat. Or inhabitat. Education: Moscow conceptualism, life with children. It is difficult to answer, which one influenced me more or rather influenced positively or negatively. Public appearance: work as web projects manager, art director's assistant, teaching kids etc. Non-public: reading books, listening to poetry (Victor Ivaniv, Sergey Sokolovsky, Vasily Kondratiev), communication with other creative people.

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